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In This Section

Former Global Climate Change Task Force (GCCTF)

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In This Section

The AAA Global Climate Change Task Force submitted their final report to the AAA Executive Board in May 2014 and it was approved in December 2014. The Statement on Humanity and Climate Change is also available as is a 2017 brochure (PDF) about the role of anthropology in climate change research. 

Committee Charge


To facilitate anthropological contributions to interdisciplinary research that can be made without sacrificing disciplinary rigor and promote engagement with an array of policy issues; and to produce a guiding document to recognize anthropological contributions to global climate change-related issues, articulate new research directions, and provide the AAA with actions and recommendations to support and promote anthropological investigation of these issues including the development of course curricula and application of anthropological theory and methods to the issues.

Duration of Committee

3 years (June 2011 - May 2014)

Committee Reports to

The Executive Board

Membership and Appointment

11 appointed members

Contact Information

2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1301, Arlington, VA 22201, (o) 703/528-1902, ext 1160, (f) 703/528-3546.

Additional Information And Resources

Social Science Perspectives on Climage Change: A 2017 Workshop from the USGCRP


Meeting at COP21 Seeks Coordination of Glacier Countries by Ben Orlove (Dec 10, 2015)

UNESCO Conference on Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change by Ben Orlove (Dec 9, 2015)

AAA Statement on Humanity and Climate Change (Jan 29, 2015)

Changing the Atmosphere: Anthropology and Climate Change Final Report to the AAA Executive Board (May 2014)

An Arid World? Can We Learn from Other Nations? by Kathleen Galvin (Aug 8, 2013)

Green Consumerism is No Solution by Richard Wilk (Jun 14, 2013)

Forced Migration? Facing an Uncomfortable Future by Anthony Oliver-Smith (Mar 29, 2013)

Thinking Big About Consumerism by Richard Wilk (Dec 19, 2013)

Why Climate Matters, Statement #1, by Shirley J Fiske: Political Gridlock and Climate Justice (Oct 22, 2012)

Climate Change Anth: A listserv for anyone interested in anthropology and climate change.

GCCTF Panel Proposal for 2012 AAA Annual Meeting

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