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Former Long-Range Planning Committee

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Committee Charge


The principal purposes of long-range planning for the Association are: to reaffirm the Association's central role in advancing anthropology; to determine which activities in pursuit of its mission are best carried out as Association-wide activities; to encourage the Sections of the Association to develop long-range goals and plans; to provide a basis for setting priorities in the face of legitimate but competing claims for limited AAA resources, leading to a coherent approach to helping advance anthropology as a discipline and a profession, within higher education and society at-large; and to rekindle and strengthen the sense of common purpose among AAA members through an open and inclusive planning process. The Committee on Long-Range Planning stresses the importance of strengthening the sense of common purpose among Association members.

Duration of Committee

Permanent committee.

Committee Reports to

The Executive Board.


The AAA Long-Range Planning Committee is responsible for developing and recommending long-range goals and three-year objectives to help guide governance, program, budget and fund-raising priorities for the Association.

Each year, the Long-Range Planning Committee will evaluate the Association's progress toward achieving goals and three-year objectives. Based on this evaluation, the long-range budget, and on new information and changes in the discipline's needs, the Committee will review the goals and objectives and recommend a set of new third-year tasks.

Membership and Appointment

10 member committee including the Chair
3 year terms

Committee members are elected at-large with designated seats for:

This committee is Chaired by the President-Elect of the Association.


A long range plan for the Association will be prepared and continuously updated on an annual basis. Notice of changes in the plan will be published annually in the Anthropology News, following adoption of the plan by the Executive Board. Sections and individual members are encouraged to review and comment on the plan. The Committee will consider these comments when it meets each spring to review progress and update recommended objectives and tasks.


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