CMIA Working Group on Racialized Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Violence - Participate & Advocate
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In This Section

CMIA Working Group on Racialized Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Violence

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In This Section

The purpose of this working group is to set up mechanisms for the AAA that will allow it, with CMIA support, to track the historical and contemporary trajectory of racialized police brutality and extrajudicial violence in the United States, and to develop resources for applying anthropological knowledge and expertise to public debate and to activities aimed at reducing such violence and mitigating its impacts.

Specifically it will:

Membership appointed by the President, but to include the Chair of the CMIA or delegate, at least one other CMIA member, the EB liaison to CMIA, and four other members, representing a wide a range as possible of subdisciplines. The Chair will be the CMIA chair or CMIA member, with the possibility of a co-chairship with another member. The Working Group will create a plan (including a schedule) for completing the specific activities listed here. It may establish a group of AAA member experts with whom to consult.

Term: two years.


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