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AnthroClub Membership

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In This Section


 Anthropology Clubs (Anthro Clubs) are an official undergraduate student membership category of the American Anthropological Association that works to foster community among those majoring, minoring, or having a general interest in the field of anthropology.

AAA Anthropology Club members work to mobilize students and departments by serving as on-campus ambassadors.


 Guidelines & Dues

AnthroClub Dues Club Member Dues Club Guidelines What's Included in the AnthroClub Membership:

$20 annually

  • 2017 National Anthropology Day participants receive their first year dues waived


  • President (waived dues)

  • Faculty Advisor – 15% off member dues

  • $30 additional club members

Additional Benefits:

  • Members may join throughout the year
  • Official use of Anthro Club Member logos
  • Annual AnthroClub Kit that includes materials, swag and resources
  • Inclusion in dedicated AnthroClub webpage with links to clubs online websites
  • Highlight in Anthropology News (print edition)
  • Access to additional logo items
  • AC Advisor get 15% off their membership dues
  • Advance Sign-up to volunteer at the annual meeting
  • Exclusive Anthropology Day Access
  • Exclusive Student Activities- National Day of Service (During the week of the Annual Meeting) - Coming Soon!


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