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Anthropology Day Resources

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In This Section

Join the celebration by hosting a virtual or safe and socially distant event in your community, school, or workplace. We have a host of resources and ideas to help you get started for your AnthroDay events. 


You are welcome to save any of these logos for use on your own event materials. 

Anthro Day 2023 Logo. Text reads "Anthro Day Feb.16, 2023"

Canva Templates - Create a free Canva account to make your own graphics for social media and more! 

Virtual Backgrounds - Click the image to open in a new browser and then download (Save As).

Zoom background design featuring a bright blue background with rectangles and circles in various shades of blue. In upper left corner, the Anthropology Day logo, ( a light blue circle with a white Anthropology Day logo on the bottom left, a circle with a stylized "x" shape sticking out with a small dot above the x. In all caps, dark blue text reads “Anthro Day.” Below that, white text reads "Feb 18, 2021).” To the right, white text reads “#AnthroDay” Zoom background design featuring a purple background. The AnthroDay logo is in the upper left corner with the words “Celebrate. Engage. Inspire.”

The following resources are a great reference point to get you started as you plan your in-person or virtual Anthropology Day events. 

General Resources:

 A brightly colored illustration showing a middle-aged woman wearing a purple dress and yellow headscarf. She is teaching a college lecture on Linguistics while standing in front of five seated students taking notes in a lecture hall



An illustration of the world with various scenes representing Anthropology

Discovering the bow of a ship underneath the World Trade Center, helping corporations understand how people's identities show up in technology – or a think tank looking at social relationships in the workplace, working with gangs in East LA, a death investigator helping police solve crimes – it seems anthropology is everywhere these days. And that’s no coincidence because anthropologists ARE everywhere these days, studying the biological, cultural, linguistic, and archaeological aspects of what it means to be human.

The American Anthropological Association has created a video series to showcase who we are, what we do, and how we add value to society. Join us as we explore the Captivating and Curious Careers of Anthropology. Use one of the 3 to 4-minute videos in the series as a starting point for a lesson. 

The Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) is a section of the American Anthropological Association that promotes the study of visual representation and media.


Resources for College Clubs and Departments:

Resources for Museums and Workplaces:

Resources for K-12 Teachers:

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