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2015 List of Donors

From Our Sponsors
Graphic promoting the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting. Text reads, CALL FOR PAPERS, Deadline Friday, May 21, 2021, 3 PM Eastern time. The words, Truth and Responsibility, are placed within a minimalistic design of pencil with various symbol outlines drawn on the pencil tip. At the bottom, text reads, annualmeeting.americananthro.org.

In This Section

AAA Annual Campaign Donors

Special thanks to the following donors for their generous support over the years.

William Douglass
Robert Lemelson Foundation
Janna Marchione
Philip Singer
Wenner-Gren Foundation

2015 Donors

Benefactors ($5,000-up)
Anthropologists for the Dialogue
      on Israel and Palestine
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaf
Oxford University Press
University of California Press
Wenner-Gren Foundation
John Wiley & Sons

Patrons ($1,000-$4,999) *
Anthropologists for the Boycott
Marion I. Berghahn*
Bloomsbury Publishing
Elizabeth K. Briody*
Cornell University Press
Louise Lamphere*
Edward Liebow*
Yolanda T. Moses*
Justin M. Nolan*
Irwin Press*
Eric Ratliff*
Roger Sanjek*
University of Toronto Press

Partners ($500-$999) *

Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt*
Alex W. Barker*
Linda A. Bennett*

Caroline B. Brettell*
Susan D. Gillespie*
Judith Goode*
Laura R. Graham*
Carol J. Greenhouse*
Edmund T. Hamann*
Thomas W. Johnson*
Carl Kendall*
Linda L. Lampl*
Mary H. Moran*
Robert L. Munroe*
J. Bryan Page*
James Peacock*
Julie Peteet*
Robert T. Trotter II*
Bonnie Urciuoli*
Maria D. Vesperi*
Alisse Waterston*
Linda Whiteford*

Friends ($250-$499)
William O. Beeman
Shirley J. Fiske
Robert A. Hahn
Suzanne Hanchett
Michael J. Harner
Angelique Haugerud
Janet E. Levy
Lorna Michael Butler
Elanah M. Uretsky

Associates ($100-$249)
Fida J. Adely
Jason Antrosio
Johnnetta Betsch Cole

A. Lynn Bolles
Moyra Byrne Severino
John Charlton
Charles R. Cobb
Jeffrey S. Dean
Miguel Diaz-Barriga
Keith A. Dixon

T. J. Ferguson
Doris Francis
Byron J. Good
Matthew C. Gutmann
Huamei Han
Deborah D. Jackson
Jean E. Jackson
Dolores B. Koenig
Alice Littlefield
Elaine Lynch
Carolyn Martin Shaw
W. Bruce Masse
David G. McBride
Joan P. Mencher
Cheryl Mwaria
Michael Nathan
Sherry B. Ortner
Yasuyuki Owada
Robert W. Preucel
Ronald Provencher
William S. Puppa
Sarah A. Robinson
Thomas Rocek
Barbara Rylko-Bauer
Frank A. Salamone
Arthur K. Spears
Patty J. Watson
Betty Wolder Levin

In Honor Of
Louise Lamphere (Caroline Brettell)
Robert A. LeVine (Robert Munroe)
Dr. Stephen Piker (Carl Kendall)

In Memory Of
Charles Frantz (Frank A. Salamone)
Beatrice Medicine (Ruth M. Laird)
Andrew Hunter Whiteford (Linda Whiteford)

*Leadership Circle Member - A special thank you to our Leadership donors who give $500 or more in a calendar year.

The American Anthropological Association has made all attempts to ensure the accuracy of the information stated above. If we have inadvertently made any mistakes, please accept our apologies and contact the Resource Development Department with your corrections (donor@americananthro.org).

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