2011 Election Results - Participate & Advocate
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2011 Election Results

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In This Section


AAA President-Elect (2-year term, followed by a 2-year term as President)
Monica Heller

AAA Executive Board (3-year term)

Archaeology Seat

Sandra Lorena Lopez Varela


Biological Seat

David A Himmelgreen


Linguistic Seat

Niko Besnier


Undesignated Seat #3

Frances E Mascia-Lees

Nominations Committee (3-year term)

Biological Seat

Jonathan Marks


Linguistic Seat

Michelle Daveluy


Undesignated Seat #2

John L Jackson Jr

Committee on Ethics (3-year term)

Archaeology Seat

Morag M Kersel


Biological Seat

Pamela K Stone

Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (3-year term)

Student Seat

John Joseph Crandall


Undesignated Seat #1

Susan Seizer


Undesignated Seat #3

Emily McEwan-Fujita

Committee for Human Rights (3-year term)

Undesignated Seat #1

Carole McGranahan


Undesignated Seat #6

Eric J Johnson


Undesignated Seat #8

Margaret A Perkinson

Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology (3-year term)

Undesignated Seat #2

Luis F B Plascencia


Undesignated Seat #5

Nancy Romero-Daza


Undesignated Seat #7

Balmurli Natrajan

Committee on Public Policy (3-year term)

Undesignated Seat #2

Merill Singer


Undesignated Seat #5

Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts

Committee on Labor Relations (3-year term)

Undesignated Seat #2
Mark W Hauser 

Committee on World Anthropologies 


Undesignated Seat #6 (2-year term)

Ulf Hannerz


Undesignated Seat #7 (2-year term)

Laurie Krieger


Undesignated Seat #8 (3-year term)

Carla Guerron-Montero


Undesignated Seat #9 (3-year term)

Dominic Boyer

AAA Bylaws Change

Name of President-Elect 

American Ethnological Society


President-Elect (2-year term)

Carol Greenhouse


Councillor (4-year term)

Daniel M Goldstein

Anthropology and Environment Section

President-Elect (2-year term)

Jeffrey C Johnson


Senior Board Member (2-year term)

James Igoe


Junior Board Member (2-year term)

Pamela McElwee


Student Board Member (2-year term)

Sarah Besky

Archaeology Division

President-Elect (2-year term followed by a 2-year term as President)

Katherine A Spielmann


Program Editor-Elect for Archaeology (1-year term followed by a 2-year term as Program Editor)

Marc N Levine

Association for Africanist Anthropology

President-Elect (2-year term)

Anita Spring


Secretary (2-year term)

Yolanda Covington-Ward

Association for Feminist Anthropology

President-Elect (2-year term followed by a 2-year term as President)

Ellen Lewin


Secretary (3-year term)

Lynn Kwiatkowski


Members-at-Large (3-year term)

Holly Dygert

Susan B Hyatt

Association of Indigenous Anthropologists

President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President and 2-year term as Past- President)
Jason Younker

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology


Junior Board Member (2-year term)

Smita Lahiri


Senior Board Member (2-year term)

Rosemary J Coombe


Secretary (2-year term)

Erica Bornstein


Treasurer (2-year term)

Kate Sullivan


President-Elect (2-year term)

Madelaine Adelman

Association for Queer Anthropology (formerly SOLGA)


Co-Chair (2-year term)

Naisargi N Dave


Student Representative (2-year term)

Elijah Adiv Edelman


Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists


President-Elect (1-year term followed by 2-year term as President

Luis F B Plascencia


Treasurer (3-year term)

Sujey Vega


Secretary (3-year term)

Maria Elena Cruz


Board Member-at-Large (3-year term)

Michael J Montoya


Student Representative to the Board (2-year term)

Carlos R Martínez


Bylaws Changes:

Adopted: Encourages participation of Latinas and Latinos in AAA governance, changes to officer structure, elections, quorum and publications.



Adopted: Migration policy issues in the United States.

Association of Senior Anthropologists

Secretary/Editor (2-year term)

Paul L Doughty


Treasurer (2-year term)

Margo L Smith

Biological Anthropology Section

Chair-Elect (1-year term)

Agustín Fuentes


Secretary-Treasurer (2-year term)

Ekaterina Pechenkina


Member-at-Large (1-year term)

Robin G Nelson


Student Member (1-year term)

Sarah V Livengood

Central States Anthropological Society

Second Vice-President (4-year term: 1 year each as 2nd Vice-President, 1st Vice-President, President, Past-President)

James Stanlaw


Executive Board Members (3-year term)

Nobuko Adachi

Julie Hollowell


Nominations Committee (2-year term)

Robert Lee McNair

Council for Museum Anthropology

Treasurer (2-year term)

Karl A Hoerig


Board Position #1 (2-year term)

Christina Kreps


Board Position #2 (2-year term)

Gwyneira Isaac

Council on Anthropology and Education

Member-at-Large (3-year term)

Cindy Cruz


President-Elect (3-year term)

Rosemary Henze

Culture and Agriculture

President (1-year term followed by a 2-year term as President)

Ames Veteto


Member-at-Large (2-year term)

Elizabeth “Liz” Fitting


Student Representative (2-year term)

Andrew Tarter


Bylaws Changes:

Adopted: Journal name change

General Anthropology Division

President-Elect (1-year term followed by 2-year term as President)

Samuel R Cook


Member-at-Large (3-year term)

Kathryn Weedman Arthur


Middle East Section

President (3-year term)

Lara Deeb


Student Representative to the Board (3-year term)

Rehenuma Asmi

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology 

Member-at-Large (2-year term)

Susan Andreatta

Pamela J Puntenney


Secretary (2-year term)

Lisa Henry

National Association of Student Anthropologists

President-Elect (1-year term)

Heidi J Nicholls


Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term)

Alex J S Lee


Newsletter Editor (2-year term)

Keri A Canada


E-Journal Editor (2-year term)

Jessica A Hardi


Graduate Representative-at-Large (2-year term)

Nicole Collier Ryan


Undergraduate Representative-at-Large (2-year term)

William “Liam” M B Collins III


Nominations Committee Chair (2-year term)

Keri A Canada


Listserv Manager (2-year term)

Kristina M Sweet


Bylaws Changes:

Adopted: Duties of Executive Committee concerning elections.

Society for Anthropological Sciences

President-Elect (2-year term)

Benjamin G Blount


Secretary (2-year term)

Stephen A Chrisomalis


Senior Board Member (3-year term)

Giovanni Bennardo


Student Board Member (2-year term)

Matthew T Boulanger

Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges

President (1-year term)

Laura Tubelle De Gonzalez


President-Elect (1-year term)

Timothy L Sullivan


Vice President, Membership and Development (1-year term)

Thomas Mcilwraith

Society for East Asian Anthropology

President-Elect (2-year term)

Eriberto Patrick “Fuji” Lozada Jr


Incoming President (2-year term)

Li Zhang


Treasurer (2-year term)

Jennifer Hubbert


Councilor, Japan Area (3-year term)

Akiko Takeyama


Councilor, Korea Area (3-year term)

Haeng-Ja Sachiko Chung


Student Councilor (2-year term)

Seoyoung Park

Society for Humanistic Anthropology

Executive Board (3-year term)

Jeffrey D Anderson

Margaret Bender


Graduate Student Board Position (2-year term)

Todne Thomas Chipumuro

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

Council Members (3-year term)

Jose Carlos Gomez Aguiar

Ronda L Brulotte

Jason Pribilsky


Student Representative (2-year term)

Sarah Taylor

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

President-Elect (2-year term)

Paul V Kroskrity


Member-at-Large (2-year term)

Jillian R Cavanaugh

Society for Medical Anthropology

Member-at-Large Slate #1 (3-year term)
Mark Padilla

Member-at-Large Slate #2 (3-year term)

Mara Buchbinder

Society for the Anthropology of Europe


Treasurer (2-year term)
Neringa Klumbyte

Secretary-Elect (1-year term)
Tracey A Rosen

Program Chair-Elect (1-year term)
Marcy Brink-Danan

Publications and Projects Chair (2-year term)
Jaro Stacul

Executive Board Member-at-Large (2-year term)
Kristen Ghodsee

Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition

President-Elect (1-year term)
John Brett

Society for the Anthropology of North America

Member-at-Large (3-year term)
Leo R Chavez

Treasurer (2-year term)
Marina Peterson

Secretary (2-year term)
Elena Kim

Society for the Anthropology of Religion

Executive Commitee Members-at-Large (2-year term)
Joseph Hellweg
Paul Christopher Johnson
Lauren Leve

Society for the Anthropology of Work

Student Representative (2-year term)
Theodore Rose

Society of Urban National and Transnational/Global Anthropology

Councilor (3-year term)
Lindsay Dubois

Treasurer (3-year term)
Jayne Howell

Secretary (2-year term)
Susan E Falls

Society for Visual Anthropology

SVA Board Members (4 each: 3-year term, 2-year term)
Andrea M Heckman
Kate Hennessy
Jonathan S Marion
Sara Perry
Jerome Crowder
Jens Kreinath
Jennifer F Reynolds
Jennifer Wolowic

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