AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Recipients - Participate & Advocate
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In This Section

AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Recipients

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In This Section

2019-2020 Tiffany M. Jones

2018-2019 Saira A. Mehmood

2017-2018 Diana Burnett 

2016-2017 Milena Melo

2015-2016 Alicia D. Odewale

2014-2015 Adela Amaral

2013-2014 Karen G. Williams

2012-2013 Carwil Bjork-James

2011-2012 Shankari Patel

2010-2011 Felicia Gomez

2009-2010 Sherina Feliciano-Santos

2008-2009 Kerry F. Thompson

2007-2008 Rocío Magaña

2006-2007 Shedra Amy Snipes

2005-2006 Russell Rodriguez

2004-2005 Lisa Anderson-Levy

2003-2004 Julie Chu

2002-2003 Audra Simpson

2001-2002 Ivelisse Rivera-Bonilla

2000-2001 Shannon Speed

1999-2000 Carolyn Kehaunani Cachola-Abad

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