Adela Amaral 2014 Fellowship Recipient - Participate & Advocate
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A room full of people hold up small signs that rea
A room full of people hold up small signs that rea

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Adela Amaral 2014 Fellowship Recipient

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In This Section

Adela-Amaral, 2014 CMIA Dissertation Fellowship AwardeeAmerican Anthropological Association (AAA) and the Committee on Minority Issues  in Anthropology (CMIA) are pleased to announce the selection of Adela Amaral as  recipient of the 2014-2015 AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship. This  annual fellowship of $10,000 is intended to encourage members of ethnic  minorities to complete doctoral degrees in anthropology, thereby increasing  diversity in the discipline and promoting research on issues of concern among  minority populations.

Adela  received her BA in anthropology and history from UCLA and her MA in  anthropology from the U of Chicago. Her dissertation, “The Archaeology of a Maroon Reducción: Colonial Beginnings to Present  day Ruination” combines archaeological, historical and ethnographic work to  develop a thorough and long term understanding of African slavery and runaway  slavery in Colonial Veracruz, Mexico. Her work centers around the reducción, Nuestra Señora de los Negros de  Amapa, founded in 1769 by runaway slaves of African descent or, maroons.  Adela’s dissertation examines the political impulses that led to the founding  of Amapa and its short and long term ramifications. The project investigates  the local creation of the maroon colonial social category and questions the  connections between racialized social groups, built environments, and things.  Her work also uses the political present as local knowledge and present day  relationships are used to interpret the past and to understand how the past is  used in the present.

Amaral will be recognized during the AAA Awards  Ceremony at the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

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