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In This Section
AAA Resolution on Minorities


Submitted on Behalf of the Executive Board by
Dell Hymes and George M. Foster
Introduced at New Orleans Meeting
November 1969

Whereas the participation in research and teaching of persons of diverse backgrounds is essential to objectivity and relevance in anthropology;

and whereas knowledge of significant aspects of communities and groups is often accessible only to persons with roots in those communities and groups;

and whereas persons with roots in other than the white middle-class sector of American society can make invaluable contributions to knowledge of all sectors of contemporary life;

and whereas few persons from other than the white middle-class sector now enter anthropology in the United States and achieve professional recognition; therefore, be it resolved that the American Anthropological Association urges vigorous recruitment of students of Black, Chicano, American Indian, Asian and other such backgrounds into anthropology in universities and colleges, and vigorous efforts to hire and facilitate the careers of such persons in the profession.


The Executive Board has established an ad hoc Committee on Minority Participation which will implement the pertinent resolution passed at the Annual Meeting for which mail ballot ratification is anticipated. The Committee is to recommend immediate and long range methods for enabling the profession to move speedily to increase the number of anthropologists of minority background.

The Committee will consist of seven members and will include Fellows as well as other members of the Association; graduate students especially are sought. It is expected that committee members' life experience or immediate professional experience will be related to minority participation. The Executive Board liaison member on the Committee is James L. Gibbs, Jr.

Persons wishing to make nominations for the Committee should send names of nominees, together with a brief statement of qualifications, to Gibbs.

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