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CoGEA Reports

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CoGEA Surveys

Work Climate, Gender, and the Status of Practicing Anthropologists
Prepared for the American Anthropological Association, 18 February, 2009
COSWA is committed to equal opportunity for anthropologists in all work settings. Recognizing that a significant number of anthropology PhDs and nearly all alumni from Master's programs are employed in positions other than as full-time university and college professors, in 2004 COSWA expanded its mission to become more inclusive of and to seek ways to connect to practicing anthropologists. To this end, COSWA designed and administered two work climate surveys to assess the gendered dimensions of anthropological work practice. This report contains the findings from COSWA's 2007 survey to assess the work climate of non-university and college-based practicing anthropologists.

The COSWA Academic Climate Report 2008 addresses topics such as work environment and work-family issues as they relate to gender equity and the experiences of faculty in US anthropology departments. 

Click here to read the report, "We've Come a Long Way, Maybe: Academic Climate Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology." (PDF)

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Christina Wasson.

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