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CoPAPIA in the Media

Why Climate Matters...
Shirley J. Fiske, CounterPunch Weekend Edition, November 2-4, 2012 

Online Research Library Now Available
TJ Ferguson and Keri V Brondo, Anthropology News, October 2012

Anthropology Works

In 2008, CoPAPIA endorsed a new direction and new name for the CoPAPIA column—“Anthropology Works.”  The idea was to broaden the types of issues covered in the column, and to introduce an element of discussion and interchange.  We wanted to broaden authorship, as well,  and address pressing issues for practitioners and applied anthropologists across all the subdisciplines and professions that make up anthropology.  You will see columns discussing the proposed changes for ethics in AAA’s by-laws and providing examples of contemporary issues in ethics faced by professional anthropologists; how anthropologists in practice are addressing homelessness; how museum anthropologists are doing applied anthropology and changing the nature of museums in communities, among other topics.  Wherever possible, CoPAPIA tries to link the theme of the column with the themes in the Anthropology News issues. 

Click here for the current Anthropology Works column in Anthropology News 

Individual columns

What Comes Next for Practice?
Mary Odell Butler, March 2013  

Putting Anthropology to Work
Rachel Wright, December 2012

Anthropological Methods in Landscapes of Power
Gretchen Fox, November 2012

Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities
Alberto Bouroncle, Nathaniel Tashima, and Cathleen Crain, September 2012 

Crossing Boundaries: The Future of Anthropology Graduates and the Non-Academic Job Market
Wendy Bartlo, February 2012 

Finding Anthropology (Again) Through Peace Corps
Kelly Moran, December 2011

Alms for the Storage: The Center for New Mexico Archaeology
Julia Clifton, November 2011

What's Anthropology Have To Do With it?
Katherine Dowdy, October 2011

New Gordon L Grosscup Museum of Anthropology
Claudia Voit, May 2011

Two Portraits of Entrepreneurship in Detroit
Marlo Rencher, April 2011

Practice in Place, Santa Fe Style
Anthony Chavarria, March 2011

Circulation of Transdiscipinary Knowledge and Culture in a High-Tech Organization
Crysta J Metcalf, February 2011  

Opera as Epistemological Indigeneity: TC Cannon's A Remembered Muse
Elysia Poon, January 2011

Fight for Survival: Cultural Identity in Modern Music
LaDonna Brown, December 2010

In a Bowl: Practicing Anthropology in the Public Realm
Bruce Bernstein, November 2010

Role of "Anthropological" Emergency Relief
Adam Koons, October 2010

Reflexivity and Objectivity in Anthropology and Journalism
Gillian Tett, April 2010

Places for Practitioners in AAA Sections, Part II
Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Linda Bennett, and Nathaniel Tashima, February 2010

When Good People Do Bad Things: Confronting Western Water Culture
David Groenfeldt, January 2010

Who Was Boas, Really? Confronting Anthropology’s Past in Our Creation of its Future
Kerry Thompson, December 2009

Aging Research in Service Settings
Madelyn Iris and Rebecca Berman, November 2009

Why We Love the Recession... Sort of
Ken C. Erickson, October 2009

Formalizing Ethics Training in Anthropology
Robert T. Trotter II, September 2009

Places for Practitioners in AAA Sections
Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Linda A. Bennett, and Nathaniel Tashima, May 2009

Preparing for Work in the Billion-Dollar CRM Industry
William H. Doelle and Jeffrey H. Altschul. April 2009

Going Where No Anthropologist Has Gone Before
Robert A. Hahn, March 2009

The Politics of Family Planning: An Agenda for President Obama
Barbara Pillbury, February 2009

Museum Anthropology as Applied Anthropology
Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, January 2009  

Student Perspectives on the Viability of an Applied Master's Degree
Linda Bennett and Shirley Fiske, September 2008  

Food Security from a Practitioner Perspective
Antoinette Brown and Adam Koons, October 2008

Ethics and the Anthropological Profession in the 21st Century
Niel Tashima, Cathleen Crain, and Elizabeth Tunstall, November 2008

Tackling Homelessness
Jack Garrett, December 2008

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