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Anthropology Photo Contest

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In This Section

The submission phase for the 2021 AAA Anthropology Photo Contest is now closed. The 2022 contest will be accepting submissions in May 2022.

If you could define your work in a single picture, what would it look like?

Anthropologists work all around the world, in the most diverse range of careers imaginable, and we want to highlight them. Photographs can be anything you believe relates to your work. Show us your work in the field, lab, or classroom. In addition to being featured on the AAA website as header images and on AAA's social media accounts, select photo contest images will be featured in the 2022 AAA calendar to be distributed at the AAA Annual Meeting.

Anthropology Photo Contest Guidelines:


You are more than welcome to submit up to three photographs, but only one will potentially be featured in the calendar.

After the applications close and the photos are processed, the AAA will put all qualifying entries on the AAA Facebook page for a vote. Voting is counted by any acknowledgment of the photo on the AAA Facebook page such as a “like” or “love” on the image. Please find the AAA Facebook page.

The votes will be tallied, and the top 12 photos, from 12 different AAA members, will be featured in the 2022 AAA calendar, which will be distributed at the AAA Annual Meeting.



Contact Gabrielle Dunkley at

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