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Anthropology Day Campus Toolkit

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Campus Campaign: Celebrate. Engage. Inspire.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is celebrating anthropology and anthropologists around the world through Anthropology Day. Anthropologists are innovators and creative thinkers who contribute to every sector of society.  Help us celebrate what anthropology is and what it can achieve by hosting an event on your campus.  

About Anthropology Day

Anthropology Day is a day for anthropologists to celebrate and share their discipline with the public around them. Activities on campuses around the world will build enthusiasm and awareness for current and future anthropologists.

Online Resources

Social Hashtag: #AnthroDay

Mention AAA on Twitter (@AmericanAnthro), Instagram (@americananthro) and Facebook (American Anthropological Association) and we’ll share your posts.

How to get involved:

We welcome your participation in any capacity. The exciting part about our effort is that it requires no fundraising and focuses solely on public education and having fun with anthropology. In other words, this is a great opportunity for a class or student group to take a leadership role in raising awareness about anthropology!

Suggested activities include:

Check out this list of activities groups have done in the past for additional inspiration. 

Register your event with the American Anthropological Association to receive official Anthropology Day materials by completing the registration form found on the Anthropology Day homepage. Registered groups will receive packages of fun anthro-themed swag including t-shirts, buttons, stickers, magnets, and more!

Selfie Contest

As the study of what makes us human, anthropology is “the study of us.”  In other words, anthropology is the ultimate selfie! 

We want to see your events!  Post a selfie celebrating what anthropology means to you and mention AAA on Twitter (@AmericanAnthro), Instagram (@americananthro) or our Facebook page (AmericanAnthropologicalAssociation) using #AnthroDay.  The three most creative selfies will win $100 for your anthropology club or department to spend on future activities.

Anthropology Day Campus Campaign Checklist

This checklist will help organize your successful campus event.

At Least Four Weeks before Launch

Three Weeks before Launch

Two Weeks before Launch

One Week before Launch

During the Campaign

After the Campaign

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