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AAA 2016
AAA 2016

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Accessible Practices at Raising Our Voices

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In This Section

Accessible Practices at Raising Our Voices

To foster an accessible environment during Raising Our Voices, AAA has incorporated a variety of accessibility features and requests all attendees to also please follow accessible practices during the event.

  1. CART captioning is provided for all live-streamed events. Closed captions and/or transcripts have been required for all view-on-demand events.
  2. ASL interpreting is provided during primary events and are available to AAA attendees who need them for the duration of the meeting.
    1. Note: Please inform AAA if you need ASL interpretting for other events to ensure we fully meet your access needs. Feel welcome to email
  3. The program includes fifteen-minute breaks between all live-streamed sessions for attendees to decompress and take care of their needs.
  4. Screen reader-friendly versions of the program are available upon request. Please email
  5. All presenters have been informed to provide visual descriptions, read slides where applicable, and speak slowly during both live-streamed and view-on-demand events.
  6. Include your pronouns as you are comfortable doing so in your event login name.
  7. When speaking during a virtual meeting, first announce yourself.
  8. During large video calls, keep yourself on mute unless speaking, and avoid speaking over others.
  9. If posting presentation content on social media following the explicit permission of the presenter, please provide content warnings where appropriate.
  10. Avoid using derogatory language, which includes language expressing ableism, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc.

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