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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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Requesting Accommodations for Raising Our Voices 2020

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In This Section

Accommodations Protocol at Raising Our Voices 2020

AAA strives to foster accessible virtual spaces. The Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator can help identify if current AAA accessibility protocols will meaningfully support your access needs or if additional accommodations are necessary. Examples of accommodation requests include ASL interpreters, reader and/or note takers, etc. 

At any point that you recognize you need to request accommodations for Raising Our Voices, please follow the below process to do so. Everyone who is interested in participating during Raising Our Voices is welcome to seek accommodations at any time in preparation for the meeting.

You are not required to disclose your disability (mobility, auditory, sight, sensory, etc.) or identity status (Disabled, Deaf, Autistic, Chronically Ill, Mentally Ill, Aging, etc.), but are welcome to do so if you believe this information will influence the later discussion surrounding your access needs and/or accommodation requests. 

Note: While requests are welcome at any time, please also recognize that requests will most effectively be supported if they are submitted as soon as possible, and where possible, before October 16, 2020.

How to Request Accommodations

Please submit your accommodation requests prior to October 16, 2020, so that AAA can provide the best services possible to meet your access needs.

  1. Identify the way you will request accommodations for Raising Our Voices.
    1. When submitting as a possible participant during the Raising Our Voices submission process.
    2. At time of Registration for Raising Our Voices.
      1. Check the box that reads "I require accessibility accommodations."
      2. Use the text field below the check box to indicate any access needs you have.
    3. Via the Google Form. The Google Form is available at all times and can be after registration if accommodations and access needs were not necessary while registering for the meeting.
      1. Complete the form.
    4. Via Email to the email
      1. Provide the information you believe is most important to receiving the best support possible.
  2. The AAA Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator will follow up with you, whether you requested accommodations via the event registration form, the Google Form, or email. In this follow up, they will discuss your needs and identify the best plan moving forward to provide your accommodations. This follow up will occur once the online program is available, but you are welcome to email the Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator earlier to discuss your needs sooner!
    1. Some accommodations may require that the Coordinator requests your desired schedule at Raising Our Voices to provide the appropriate accommodations. Time changes during the event are accommodated as resources permit, but cannot be guaranteed.
  3. The AAA Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator will connect with you using your chosen form of communication as requested to review your accommodations with you and ensure you have access to the supports you need.
  4. If during the event you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to any accessibility practices or your accommodations, please feel free to call or text the Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator at (703) 239-4499 or contact them via email at

Request your accommodations and share your access needs by October 16, 2020, to receive the most effective supports possible. 

Accommodations Available Upon Request

Below are a few examples of what accommodations will be available upon request. Feel free to request accommodations outside of the options listed below as well.


Language Access

Alternative Document Formats

Event descriptions will be viewable using the Online Program. The final Raising Our Voices program is available in alternative formats to registrants who make such an advance request. Be sure complete the Access Needs & Accommodations Request Google Form or to connect with the Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator by October 16, 2020 if you require the final program in a different format. 

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