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Raising Our Voices 2020 Registration Pricing

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Raising Our Voices 2020 Registration Pricing

Raising Our Voices participant pricing is placed on a sliding scale, with provisions for group rates and registration fee waivers based on need.

The Raising Our Voices Virtual Platform is live! Make sure to register today!

Feel welcome to also review our Preliminary Live-Streamed Program At-A-Glance! You can review it either in a Chart PDF Document format or Line-by-Line Word Document format. 

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Individual Pricing

The below rates are applicable for individuals who are interested in attending the Raising Our Voices series. 

Member Pricing

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Non-Member Pricing

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Single-Day Live-Stream Spectator Pass

Singe-day pricing is now available! Register for your single-day live-stream spectator pass

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Classroom Bundle Packs

Classroom Bundle Packs are no longer available. 

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Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are no longer available.

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Help Support Accessibility!

We are dedicated to making Raising Our Voices as accessible as possible for all attendees, which means we are extending our accessibility support. Accessibility support costs account for 50% of the event series expenses. While registering, you have the choice to pay more and support these expenses by choosing one of the Registration and Accessibility Costs Subsidy options. This will be the cost of registration plus...

  1. $10
  2. $25
  3. $50
  4. $100

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