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RAISING OUR VOICES 2020 - Fall Event Series

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In This Section
2020 Annual Meeting Cancellation and New Fall Event Series

The 2020 AAA Annual Meeting has been cancelled, but that does not mean we will remain silent. Quite the opposite: anthropologists will be RAISING OUR VOICES through a Fall event series that will be offered online for live, interactive participation as well as view-on-demand.

The 2020 theme, “Truth and Responsibility,” will be carried over to 2021, when it can be more fully realized with our Annual Meeting in Baltimore (November 17-21, 2021). Program Chair Bianca Williams has committed to chair the 2021 Executive Program Committee. The people and groups who proposed sessions and papers in response to the 2020 Call for Papers will be asked if they would like to have their submissions deferred to 2021. If they say “yes,” their submissions will be retained and reviewed for the 2021 Annual Meeting Program, AND they have the option of preparing a submission for RAISING OUR VOICES 2020. If they say “no,” they will still have the option to prepare a submission for RAISING OUR VOICES 2020. This includes the “Executive Sessions” that were already accepted for the 2020 program, since they were in direct response to the 2020 Theme. Additional information for individuals that submitted to the 2020 Annual Meeting

Email Questions to AAA Meetings
Call for Participation

A call for submissions will be live within the coming week. We will host two types of events:

  1. Live-streamed events, presented over a 10-day period from Thursday, November 5th to Saturday, November 14th, 2020. These events will have the opportunity for live Q&A and be recorded and available for viewing and discussion afterwards.
  2. View-on-demand events, which will be pre-rerecorded and posted to the RAISING OUR VOICES website for viewing, with live/interactive discussion events scheduled outside of live-streamed content times.

There is no specific theme for the RAISING OUR VOICES series. We are counting on our community to raise its collective voices on issues of research, scholarship, and practice that matter in this historic moment.

Please note that an important part of the RAISING OUR VOICES series is providing accessible content so that as many participants as possible can meaningfully engage in these conversations. All presentations should include accessible practices, which you can learn more about on the Accessibility page of our website.

Learn More about Accessibility
Virtual Event Formats

Live-streamed Events

  • All will be recorded, captioned in real time and accompanied by ASL interpretation
  • Participants will need to consent to being recorded, and to having their recordings posted online through the end of December 2020
  • All time blocks will be limited to 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • Submitters who have prepared papers in support of the live-streamed events are encouraged to upload the papers to the Open Anthropology Research Repository.
  • Submitters wishing to submit live-stream content will make their submission to the portal and select a AAA Section to review their proposed event. Section Program Chairs will receive all submissions, rank them, and curate their program from submitted work. Section Program Chairs can choose to curate up to 1/4 of their allotted live streamed hours from invited creative content of their own choosing (rather than submissions). Sections will be encouraged to curate with a spirit of experimentation and community, and can program submissions from the three distinct formats listed below.

View-on-demand Events

Proposers wishing to submit view-on-demand content will upload their submission to the portal and select the Section they would like to review it. Section Program Chairs will review view-on-demand submissions, vetting them for quality and ensuring they meet the appropriate standard approved for inclusion in RAISING OUR VOICES.  

Learn more about Virtual Event Formats
What about Other Cancelled Events and Activities?

Cancelling the Annual Meeting has meant doing away with four other kinds of events and activities that we normally organize to take advantage of a large portion of membership being physically present in one place. These include:

  • AAA and Section Governance activities (board / business / committee meetings)
  • The in-person Film and Media Festival
  • Special events – awards, donor recognition, “Back to School”, book signings, socializing and networking activities
  • Professional Development – workshops, mentoring activities, Grad School Fair, Career Expo, Department Chairs’ Breakfast
Learn more about Alternative Events
Building the RAISING OUR VOICES Program & Timeline

Building the Program

Total live-streamed content (190 hours) will be divided among all participating Sections based on their total membership as of December of 2019. Live-streamed content will be spread over 10 days, with no content from any given Section in competition with other content from that same Section. Participants are limited to only one live-streamed session; organizers / chairs / submitters may be included on more than one live-streamed session, but may not present in more than one.

View-on-demand content will be uploaded to the platform and made available on the first day of RAISING OUR VOICES, and will remain through the end of 2020. There is no limit to how many view-on-demand submissions in which a participant may appear.


  1. Call for Submissions:
    • Monday, July 20 – Friday, August 14
  2. Review Period:
    • Tuesday, August 18 – Friday, September 11
  3. Program Announced:
    • Tuesday, September 15
  4. Registration Opens:
    • Tuesday, September 15
    • Thursday, November 5 – Saturday, November 14
Technology Platform and Pricing

The choice of technology platforms will be made once the general scheme is approved. Some criteria to be applied in selecting the platform(s):

  • Accessibility (supports captioning, ASL, and other accommodations)
  • Familiar, user-friendly interface
  • Security features to protect from unwanted intrusions (aka “Zoom bombing”)
  • Promotes real-time interactivity via video, voice and/or chat
  • Has capacity for a variety of gathering sizes, including small break-out groups and “hallways” for informal socializing
  • Cost-effective for AAA to implement

RAISING OUR VOICES participant pricing will be significantly discounted from the regular Annual Meeting registration and placed on a sliding scale, with provisions for group rates and registration fee waivers based on need (criteria to be developed soon).

Registration Pricing

  • Individual Pricing
    • Member Pricing
      • Professional (typically $240 for in-person green registration)
        • $100
      • Retired (typically $200 for in-person green registration)
        • $80
      • Student (typically $102 for in-person green registration)
        • $25
      • Under/Unemployed (typically $200 for in-person green registration)
        • $25 
    • Non-Member Pricing
      • Professional (typically $425 for in-person green registration)
        • $200
      • Student (typically $188 for in-person green registration)
        • $50
  • Group Pricing (not available for in-person registration)
    • Department Service Program (DSP) Partners
      • $250
    • Non-DSP Departments, Classes, Organizations
      • $350

If you are unable to pay the discounted registration fee, write to meetings@americananthro.org to request a fee waiver. If you would like to pay more to offset AAA’s expenses and subsidize participation by those who are unable to pay, that option will be available when registration opens in September.

If you have any questions, please contact meetings@americananthro.org.