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AAA Resources Regarding Engagement with Israel/Palestine

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May 15, 2016


AAA Resources Regarding Engagement with Israel/Palestine

Getting Proximate on Israel-Palestine
AAA President Alisse Waterston's latest Anthropology News column. 

Top Reasons to Vote For/Against the Resolution
We have asked proponents and opponents of the resolution to present in highly distilled fashion up to 10 reasons why the Association should / should not act as an Association on this matter. 

Courses of AAA Action Concerning Israel/Palestine

AAA President Waterston’s call to engagement on Israel/Palestine
Engage in discussion about the upcoming vote and associated issues in the comments section of this post to the AAA blog. 

AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel/Palestine
The Task Force was charged with helping the Executive Board consider the nature and extent to which AAA might contribute – as an Association – to addressing the issues that the Israel/Palestine political situation raises. Read their full report and access additional information about the Task Force. 

Additional resources from Anthropology News:


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