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The Way Forward

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November 10, 2016

Dear colleagues,
This week we find ourselves absorbing the outcome of a long and contentious national election campaign without precedent in recent memory. Strong, divisive language gained the most public attention, sometimes escaping the orbit of facts and launching into some parallel universe.
Next week we look forward to our Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, where we reaffirm our shared ideals of respect for all persons, the ongoing quest for advancing our understanding of the human condition, and applying this understanding to addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.
We eagerly anticipate our Annual Meeting, because it reaffirms our sense of belonging to an inclusive community of dedicated scholars, educators, and professionals. The political climate makes it a challenge for us to reach out across the distances that separate us, but the great thing is that our common ideals are there to guide us in the weeks and months ahead.
We know that most of you have been reflecting on the things that matter most in our communities and beyond. We are excited for many of us to be able to join together in Minneapolis and help one another use our anthropological scholarship to chart a way forward in the months and years to come.
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Alisse Waterston, President     Ed Liebow, Executive Director

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