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Post-Election AAA Resolution and Resources

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December 1, 2016

The American Anthropological Association reaffirms our fundamental commitments to academic freedom, human rights, a respect for all persons, and advancing our collective understanding of the human condition as a path towards a more just and sustainable world. We were fortunate to be able to come together as an association of scholars, students, and professionals at our Annual Meeting in Minneapolis in the week after this month’s US national elections to reaffirm our shared ideals and chart a way forward. In accordance with our Association’s governance rules, our Executive Board listened carefully to advisory motions presented at the Annual Business Meeting, and responded by approving the first proposed AAA resolution. In addition, this resolution has been endorsed unanimously by all of the living past Association presidents.
To help us continue the conversation, AAA will also host a Twitter Chat at 1 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, December 7th. Using #AnthroForward, we are asking our members to join us in a live discussion to offer resources and suggest ways we can proactively engage in positive activities in our own communities. For example, AAA President Alisse Waterston has offered Post-Election Resources and Teaching Resources for Difficult Times from John Jay College at CUNY. Get the details on the Twitter chat here
Members can also submit resources to be shared via the AAA blog by email Jeff Martin at

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