Carol Mukhopadhyay Receives AAA’s Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (CoGEA) Award - News - Stay Informed
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Carol Mukhopadhyay Receives AAA’s Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (CoGEA) Award

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October 18, 2017

Carol Mukhopadhyay received the AAA’s Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (CoGEA) Award for 2017. The committee was particularly impressed by her unflagging commitment to gender equity that permeates her scholarship, teaching, advocacy, and mentorship.

Mukhopadhyay’s commitment to gender equity and combatting all kinds of discrimination has been influential over the decades, as one former student put it, “both as ideology and as lived practice.” Another former student notes how her dedication to standing up to gender inequity “is not [just] something she does, it is who she is.” Former students and colleagues were particularly inspired by her courage, tenacity, generosity, and willingness to stand up for others.

Mukhopadhyay is professor emerita at San Jose State University. Her feminist research addresses gender divisions in families, politics, and science and engineering, in the United States and India. Publications include the 1988 Annual Review of Anthropology gender article [with P. Higgins], "A Feminist Cognitive Anthropology: The Case of Women and Mathematics" (2004), Cognitive Anthropology Through a Gendered Lens (2011), Women, Education and Family Structure in India (1994, with S. Seymour), and in 2017, “Gender and Trump,” and "Gender and Sexuality" (with T. Blumenfield) in the pioneering open-source, textbook, Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology.  She developed numerous gender classes and taught, for 20 years, a popular feminist anthropology-

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