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Diana Burnett Named 2017 AAA Minority Dissertation Fellow

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In This Section

October 24, 2017

Diana Burnett is the recipient of the 2017 AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship, awarded by the AAA and the Committee on Minority Affairs in Anthropology. Burnett is an advanced doctorate candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and approaching her final year of dissertation writing.

As a scholar and researcher situated at the intersection of medical anthropology, anthropology of religion, and the anthropology of race and ethnicity, Burnett’s broad interests have been structured around an examination of the relationship between race and identity, belief systems (often religion and spirituality), and health. Subsequently, she has developed and pursued an aligning interest that focuses on health inequities and community based solutions to these issues. Specifically, she is interested in groups whose migrant identity and migration histories have been unexplored and/or underexplored in the anthropological literature.

Her dissertation research is complete and the dissertation research synthesis, analysis, and writing are currently in process.

Burnett states, “My research contributes to the growing body of anthropological scholarship, which seeks to understand the relationship between diaspora, globalization, and migration in the construction of cultural frameworks as it pertains to an anthropological inquiry to the effects of the urgent global health epidemics especially in ‘high-risk’ populations.”

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