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Rami Salameh Receives First Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel

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In This Section

October 24, 2017

Rami Salameh received the first Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel, which provides funding for a Palestinian or Israeli anthropologist to attend the AAA Annual Meeting.

“We are thrilled and I feel personally honored to welcome Rami Salameh of Bizreit University in the West Bank to attend the Annual Meeting with support from the PIFFT Fellowship, designed to bring voices we as an Association might otherwise not hear,” said AAA President Alisse Waterston who added, “The very first PIFFT awardee, Rami will present his powerful and compelling work on political death and dying in Palestine in a session on Palestinian ethnographies. I can’t wait to meet him, and to see the PIFFT Fellowship blossom in the coming years.”

Rami graduated in 2004 from Bethlehem University with a degree sociology and received his Master’s degree in Cultural and Critical Studies at Westminster University in 2011. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the department of anthropology and sociology at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, and he is expected to defend his thesis in January 2018. His thesis is about the bodily lived experiences of the colonized Palestinians, in which he attempt to understand experiences of Palestinian’s living, loving and dying, experiences of being-in-the-world-as-colonized. He is also currently a lecturer at Birzeit University.  

“The PIFFT fund will give me the chance to present and discuss my work with anthropologists from different parts of the world. This rare opportunity, will definitely enhance my own research and will widen my perspective on contemporary debates in anthropology, challenges and allow me to hear papers and presentations about a wide range of topics. This change will allow me to establish relations and network with anthropologists working in different parts of the Middle East and North Africa. I hope I will be able to receive a vital and critical feedback from other anthropologists.

Attending the AAA for the first time, will allow me to be part of the ongoing anthropological community. It will also allow me to attend papers and talks about new and cutting-edge topics.  It will also give me the chance to learn from others and meet other anthropologists from all over the world.

I hope my presence at the AAA [Annual Meeting] in Washington DC, will allow anthropologists in the US to hear from a Palestinian anthropologist.”

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