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Changes to the AAA Dues Structure | Letter from Alex Barker

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November 12, 2019

As those of you who have renewed recently may have noticed, we’ve made some changes to our membership dues structure. The Executive Board and I feel that these changes will help make AAA membership more affordable for those with limited means, while preserving the fairness principle based on “ability to pay.” Our goal is to maintain the same levels of service while reducing barriers to membership.
For AAA dues, salary tiers have been revised to create a lower tier of $49 per year for those members who are unemployed or marginally employed. In addition, AAA will offer a five percent discount to Retired members. Individuals who choose to take advantage of a new option to purchase a two-year membership will also be eligible to receive a five percent per year discount. We have standardized membership categories for AAA and all Sections (with the exception of the Section Sustaining member category) and Sections will continue to determine their own rates for their section categories.
We’ve also eliminated the “joint” member category, which was an artifact of an earlier era when publications were widely distributed in print, and households with two members at the same address did not wish to receive two print copies.
The AAA website provides additional detailed information about the new rates as well as answers to questions you may have about the timing of this rollout and what it may mean for your personal membership. You can also read more about the changes in Ed Liebow’s column from the most recent issue of Anthropology News.
Alex W. Barker
AAA President

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