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Twitter #AccessibleAnthChat on Fieldwork Accessibility

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March 2, 2020

As AAA increases our accessibility initiatives, we want to encourage conversations about various issues related to accessibility within the anthropology discipline. One way we do so is by hosting a regular Twitter Chat on our Twitter page ( entitled #AccessibleAnthChat ( Please set aside some time  and join us on Twitter on Monday, March 9th, at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT/12 noon MT/11 am PT for our next chat, during which we will discuss the importance of Fieldwork Accessibility!

Graphic for the Fieldwork Accessibility #AccessibleAnthChat. Includes silhouettes of a trowel and a notebook next to white checkmarks and silhouettes of the wheelchair and ASL interpreter symbols next to white question marks. Monday, March 9th @ 2 pm ET/1pm CT/12 noon MT/11 am PT.

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