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New MPAAC Seats Named - Committee Seeks Input On Key Topics

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December 9, 2020

The Members’ Programmatic, Advisory, and Advocacy Committee (MPAAC) recently welcomed six new members this fall in addition to a change in the leadership team and a newly appointed Human Rights Liaison.

The new members and their respective seats are Jayne Howell, Ethics; Carla Jones, Equity; Aunchalee Palmquist, Human Rights; Layla Brown, Anti-Racism & Social Justice; Alayne Unterberger, Public Policy; Jacqueline Siven, Student; and Emily Metzner, World Anthropology.

The MPAAC leadership team includes Susan Mazur-Stommen as chair, Thurka Sangaramoorthy serving as the Inward-Facing (membership, discipline) Sub-Chair, and AAA President-Elect Ramona Perez serving as the Outward-Facing (public and other constituencies) Sub-Chair. Earlier this year the MPAAC charge underwent a two-year review where it was agreed that henceforth the AAA President-elect would serve as a Sub-Chair.

Additionally, Chandana Mathur was named to serve as the Human Rights Liaison. The new position was created earlier in the year to assist with the rollout of the AAA Third Statement on Anthropology and Human Rights, and lead the Rapid Response Network, an advisory group created to respond quickly to urgent cases of academic freedom violations.

Input Sought

MPAAC was convened in 2017 for the purpose of responding to AAA member needs and interests, with a particular focus on the key areas of ethics, human rights, labor and workforce, public policy, anti-racism and social justice, gender equity, the practicing-applied-public sector, world anthropologies, and student interests, as these areas relate to anthropology, anthropologists and the Association.

In keeping with the values of collaboration, dialogue, diversity, equity, solidarity and transparency, the committee would like to hear from our members regarding particular topics/issues they’d like to see addressed. Visit MPAAC to see the topics you’d like to address, as well as the respective Seats and their contact information.

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