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Open Anthropology - A Public Journal of The American Anthropological Association
Open Anthropology - A Public Journal of The American Anthropological Association

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On Violence

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Volume 1 , Number 2
October 2013

Alisse Waterston –
R. Brian Ferguson – American Ethnologist.. Volume 17, Issue 2: 237-257 (1990)
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R. Brian Ferguson on Violence, War, and Blood of the Leviathan (short version) »»
R. Brian Ferguson discusses Violence: An Anthropology of War (long version) »»
William R. Gerard – American Anthropologist.. Volume 10, Issue 2: 277-280 (1908)
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Alex W. Barker – Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association.. Volume 3, Issue 1: 61-80 (1992)
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Nancy Marie Mithlo - – Museum Anthropology.. Volume 19, Issue 2: 50-57 (1995)
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Jon Wolseth – Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.. Volume 13, Issue 2: 311-335 (2008)
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Lesley Gill – North American Dialogue.. Volume 9, Issue 2: 9-13 (2006)
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Catherine Lutz – American Anthropologist.. Volume 104, Issue 3: 723-735 (2002)
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Hugh Gusterson – Cultural Anthropology.. Volume 14, Issue 1: 111-143 (1999)
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Sami Hermez – PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review.. Volume 35, Issue 2: 327-344 (2012)
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R. Brian Ferguson – American Anthropologist.. Volume 99, Issue 2: 424-425 (1997)
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Update to Marriage and Other Arrangements


In the spring of 2013, marriage made headline news with the US Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California's Proposition 8. AAA and several anthropologists weighed in on the issue with a press release, several op-eds and an important chapter in a newly released book. The information, ideas and insights in these publications offer a wonderful, up-to-date complement to the themes and articles in the first issue of Open Anthropology on "Marriage and Other Arrangements."


* AAA Press Release, 6.26.2013: Anthropologists Welcome Supreme Court Rulings in Historic Prop 8 and DOMA Cases


* Roger Lancaster (George Mason University): "Marriage Is Not a Timeless, Unchanging Institution" in The Meaning of Matrimony: Debating Same-Sex Marriage, June, 2013. London: Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society.


* Ellen Lewin (University of Iowa), 5.13.2013: Baby Steps, Huffington Post.


* Christa Craven (College of Wooster) and Dana-Ain Davis (Queens College), 6.26.2013: Equity at the Peril of Normativity: A Feminist Anthropological Take on Race, Marriage and Justice, The Feminist Wire


* Rosemary Joyce (U California-Berkeley), 6.27.2013: DOMA, Prop.8 and Marriage: An Anthropologist's View, Los Angeles Times


* Tom Boellstorff (U California-Irvine), 6.28.2013: Four Anthropological Reactions to the End of DOMA, Huffington Post.


* Michelle Marzullo (American U), 7.03.2013: If the Entire Human Race Had a Facebook Page, The Relationship Status Would Read "It's Complicated", Huffington Post.


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