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In This Section

DSP Partnerships - General

  1. Our department is a current partner of the AAA, so we will need to renew our partnership in the DSP + AnthroGuide partnership, correct?

    You can confirm renewal now by filling out this application, but payment is not due until July 31st. In order to receive updated instructions about editing the AnthroGuide, you will need to submit the request form.

  2. Is membership in the DSP Program also membership in AAA for individuals?

    DSP is a partnership and not a “membership”. Currently, partnership does not include AAA individual memberships. Those need to be attained separately by the individual.

  3. When is the deadline for dues payment and editing the AnthroGuide?

    All DSP partnerships expire on and dues package invoices are due by July 31st. For any departments that join/renew after July 31st, they are not guaranteed a print listing and their invoice may be pro-rated to reflect an online only option. For all applications received September 1 - April 30th, the department will only be included in the online guide. All DSP partnerships dues are pro-rated by one month after August 1.

  4. What if I have administrative changes to my department in regard to the administrative assistant or chair?

    At any time, you may submit an Administrative Update Form so we can update that information for you. Please note that this form is only for the purposes of updating DSP contacts, and not for updating the AnthroGuide.

  5. We use a department email to receive responses - how can I go about listing that as the primary contact?

    Email addresses are specific to individuals accounts, so if your institutional administrator who is primary on the account wants emails to be received to the department account, then they will need to change their email address from their personal email address to the department email address, and this will be the email that that individual uses to login to AAA Community Hub.

  6. Are complimentary DSP Partnerships available?

    Yes, complimentary DSP Partnerships are exclusive to the following: minor-only programs, community colleges, HBCUs, TCUs, and non-anthropology departments that include anthropologists.

  7. How can I access the DSP Community?

    Those listed as institutional administrators on the account have access to the DSP Community. You may fill out the Administrative Update form if you need to add or remove someone's access.

  8. DSP Partners exclusively save 50% off job postings on the ACE job board. Correct?

    Yes, 50% off all day, every day for DSP partners.

  9. I'm a student - how can I l encourage my department to join as a DSP partner so that I can be eligible to obtain exclusive membership benefits for affiliated students?

    Send an invitation to your department faculty/chair and let them know you want them to join as a DSP Partner so you can become eligible.

AnthroGuide FAQs

  1. Is being a part of DSP the only way to have our department in the AnthroGuide?

    That depends on the highest degree that your program offers. For programs offering a PhD or MA/MS as the highest degree, you will need to join or renew the DSP partnership. The AnthroGuide is a benefit of DSP, so you receive all the benefits of both for one price. For programs offering a BA/BS as the highest degree, you will receive a complimentary online-only AnthroGuide listing (you still need to complete the DSP/AAA renewal form). The print AnthroGuide returned to being a guide in 2021 to graduate programs and only active PhD and MA/MS programs will be included. Please note that the 2023-2024 AnthroGuide will be the last one printed.

  2. What do I need to do to update the AnthroGuide listing in the printed version?

    We’ll send you instructional emails regarding the AnthroGuide, or you may login to create edits. You may make any updates for the AnthroGuide by July 31st. After the 2023-2024 printed version, the AnthroGuide will be available online only and you may make changes any time.

  3. Our program only offers a bachelors degree. Am I correct in understanding that we will no longer be listed in the print AnthroGuide at all going forward?

    Correct. Bachelors programs are exclusively listed in the online AnthroGuide only for 2023-2024. Alternatively, bachelors programs may choose to exclusively have a complimentary online AnthroGuide listing if they choose to not to join as a DSP Partner. Please note that after the 2023-2024 printed version, AAA will cease the print version.

  4. If "basic listings" in the electronic guide are free for all programs, what additional information may be listed in the guide by joining DSP or requesting a complimentary online-only listing?

    Programs with "active" (paid or complimentary) listings in the AnthroGuide can include a variety of information from contact info, pictures & logos, degrees offered, program details, and individual profiles for their faculty and staff with their expertise.

  5. Are extended listings available to non-members for an additional fee?

    No, the only way to have an extended listing as a PhD or MA/MS program is to join or renew DSP. All others can receive a complimentary online only listing by request.

  6.  What if my department wants an additional print copy of the AnthroGuide?

    DSP Partners may purchase additional copies of the AnthroGuide for a discounted rate of $17.50, which can be indicated on the application form. The standard price for non-DSP Partners is $70. All pre-orders made by July 31, 2023 will receive free shipping.

  7. Our department requires the AnthroGuide be approved by other departments prior to payment - is this possible?

    Yes, you may edit your AnthroGuide listing to your satisfaction and do not have to pay the DSP Partnership invoice until your edits are finalized, as long as it's before the July 31st deadline.

Payment, Invoices and Receipts

  1. Our budget runs on a different anniversary year than the DSP Partnership that runs from August 1 through July 31 – is that a problem?

    If the invoice is paid prior to July 31st, you can make updates to the AnthroGuide up until then. Otherwise, DSP Partnerships will be prorated by each month after September 1st.

  2. I filled out my DSP Partnership application, but haven't received an invoice yet. When will I be notified?

    Emails are sent weekly due to the volume of applications received. We appreciate your patience.

  3. I need a print invoice – how do I access this?

    If you received our confirmation that we received your application, you can instantly access the invoice. To receive a print PDF, please email us here

  4. I paid our DSP Partnership - how do I access the receipt?

    You should have received an email confirmation immediately upon payment. If not, please email us hereWe appreciate your patience.

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