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June 2018
Hair Everywhere: Anthropological Notes on the Long and Short of It
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2018-2019 Edition
The AnthroGuide is the defining reference to help you locate anthropological experts by specialty, identify programs, and find research collections and resources.  
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June 2018
American Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association.
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AAA Podcasts

AAA is excited to announce our new and exciting podcast series aimed at bringing you the latest topical news and insights from across the field of anthropology. Our revamped podcast library is an effort to increase collaboration between our members and the field at large, and enhance the public’s general understanding of anthropology. In addition to AAA podcasts, we’ll also be featuring member-driven content through our Podcast Collaborators– A Story of Us, This Anthropological Life, Anthropological Airwaves, RadioCIAMS, AnthroTalks, AnthroPod, Anthropologist on the Street, Speaking of Race, the Familiar Strange, Online Gods, and SAPIENS.

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