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"This is Anthropology" Postcard Series

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Graphic promoting the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting. Text reads, CALL FOR PAPERS, Deadline Friday, May 21, 2021, 3 PM Eastern time. The words, Truth and Responsibility, are placed within a minimalistic design of pencil with various symbol outlines drawn on the pencil tip. At the bottom, text reads, annualmeeting.americananthro.org.

In This Section

Each year, a new postcard is designed to highlight the unique characteristics of the AAA Annual Meeting host city as it relates to the four disciplines of Anthropology.

2021 Baltimore, Maryland

This is Anthropology postcard for the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland

Download and explore the full-sized image: FrontBack (2021 AAA calendar of events)

Illustration Credit: Ellen Byrne 

2020 St. Louis, Missouri

This is Anthropology postcard depicting people at various St. Louis landmarks

Download and explore the full-sized image

2019 Vancouver

This is Anthropology postcard depicting various branches of anthropology

Download and explore the full-sized image

Illustration Credit: Charlotte Hollands

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