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Learning Resources for Higher Education

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In This Section

Ready to teach?

Become the most effective teacher you can by using the American Anthropological Association’s Teaching Materials Exchange. You can also submit your materials too.

Thanks to the AAA Resource Development Committee, the donors and members who contributed to the Teaching Materials Exchange.

Additional Resources for College and University Teachers

Teaching eHRAF is an innovative, interdisciplinary teaching resource for universities, colleges, and high schools aimed at providing faculty with ideas about how to use the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology online databases in their curricula. 
Visit Teaching eHRAF

Coalition on the Academic Workforce

Information and resources on contingent faculty in the U.S. Contingent faculty are those employed in part- or full-time, non-tenure-track positions that often lack adequate pay and benefits, access to professional support, and support for scholarship and keeping current in the field. 

Faculty Association of California Community College's homepage contains up-to-date news on current issues of importance to community college faculty.

Want to know more about higher education opportunities in anthropology? Visit Anthropology Information Central. 

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